Investments in nanocap and microcap crypto

Golden Egg

“#GoldenEgg the official reward token of PoorQuack

✅launching June 10

✅$GEGG utilities

✅Staking/stake $GEGG earn $GEGG

✅Staking / Stake $POOR earn $GEGG (burn fees apply to ensure $GEGG burns)

✅Earn $GEGG by using the mobile app

✅The more you use our products and interact, the more you will earn $GEGG and burn $GEGG

✅Earn $GEGG by using our dapps


Ways to earn $GEGG

✅Golden Egg’s will be earnable by using the following dapps within our ecosystem:

✅Boosting on Meme Market Cap

✅Using the Honeypot Checker

✅Using the Token Sniffer

✅Using Our Fomo Sniper

✅Using Poor Swap

✅Buying/Listing NFTs

✅Staking & Compounding

✅Mobile App usage (visit and earn – CoinGecko style)

✅Soldier NFTs Staking

✅Using our Privacy Dapp

✅Using the Wallet Transfer Dapp

✅Using our Cross Chain Bridge

$GEGG Tokenomics


✅10% total buy tax divided up as below:

✅5% Marketing

✅5% $POOR reflections


✅15% total sell tax divided up as below:

✅5% Marketing

✅5% $POOR reflections

✅3% Liquidity

✅2% Burn


An additional 10% burn fee in $GEGG is made when a user unstakes $POOR and claims their $GEGG rewards.

A secret burn mechanism is also present in all $GEGG staking pools.”

Source: PoorQuack Telegram


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