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$TURTLE #100Xgem


Will $TURTLE be the next Shiba?

AwkwardTurtleBSC could be the next Shiba Inu if you ask the chads in Catpepe Crew…

The bullish fervor got this coin to choose reflections in MRI Marshall Inu

The MemeUniverse is an ecosystem of projects – where all link together, either by way of completing auto buy backs, offering airdrops across communities, NFT releases which provide exclusive access to upcoming launches – built for those who love Memecoins with utility.

CatPepe ($CPEPE) is at the centre of it all, being the very first project to launch. $CPEPE prints 5% $KIBA reflections, offers high APR staking, a swap / aggregator & rewards dashboard built through their #PoorQuack partnership.

#AwkwardTurtleBSC is the next project to launch, printing 5% $MRI reflections for its holders. Leveraging the PoorQuack partnership, the $CPEPE utility set is rolling out for all those beautiful Awkward Turtles.

Metaverse integration is the latest deliverable, as the team has partnered up with the legends at LakeviewMeta. MemeUniverse family are eligible to receive $10 of in game credit, a free NFT car and loads of amazing metaverse landscape to explore in Lakeview. Rumour has it that one of the MemeUniverse characters will grace the #LVM mobile app soon.

🔥🔥 Awkward Turtle V2 Token 🔥🔥

ℹ️ Token name: Awkward Turtle V2

ℹ️ Symbol: TURTLE

📝 Contract: 0x7B48dCfD3c3Dea4fBa1c97463f581A8fc72b2843

📅 Launched: 19/5/2022

🗨️ Telegram:

🌐 Website:

📱 Twitter:

✅ Listed on Top100Token

✅ NO HoneyPot

✅ NO Blacklist

✅ NO TradeDisable

Support the project by voting at:


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