Investments in nanocap and microcap crypto

A simple message

Especially for people in $SHELON

A few Maxis in BTC will deny and condemn us and our token and our chances for life changing money. So will a few imperialists in Shib, Doge and Babydoge.

Professional investors certainly like to mock people in memecoins from time to time.

But most will just be silent.

So ultimately my very dear and faithful

Shelonians – the moonshot is up to us.

1. Stay super positive

2. Believe in life changing money

3. Clear your mind on a daily basis

4. Trust your vision

5. Stay level headed and patient

6. Avoid traps 🪤 that put you down

7. Click on our search bot every time

What do you guys think? Is this a recipe for success

1. Visualize life changing money

2. Act in accordance

3. Clear your mind

4. Grind

5. Buy and hold SHELON

6. Rest

7. Repeat from step 1

$SHELON | Doge Reflection Token

🔥🔥🔥 5% DOGE Reflections


✅ 5% Doge reflections

✅ 5% Liquidity

✅ 4% Marketing

🔐 LP lock 18 years

🌎 Metaverse integration

🎮 Indie Game in development

🎆 NFT launch soon



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