Investments in nanocap and microcap crypto

$SHELON the Rocket πŸš€

Buy $SHELON before the fomo. NFA. You are still super early!!! $Shelon #100Xgem

SHELON the next memecoin to explode!!!



How to invest in meme coins for profits | by Louisday | Jul, 2022 | Medium

The Memecoin Space is infected with scams, rugpulls and impatience. Unless you know where to look you can be caught in a trap. The best of deals can still be made on PancakeSwap before a coin is listed on a Central Exchange. A proper due diligence as well as risk management is critical if you want to prosper.

Do not look for the perfect entry into the perfect token. Instead look for whatever is close enough to meeting your criteria of a profitable investment.

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Ok people have an eye out for $Shelon token! This one might fly very soon. #Moonshot #Cryptocurrency #memecoin


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