Investments in nanocap and microcap crypto

$SHELON BSC message

SHELON keeps working for WomenInCrypto as well as MenInCrypto and for Women and Men in NFTs as well. Here follows a message to people in the Shelonian Community:

Promote our token when you have time and energy for it – and / or find new people who can do the same

Manifest with the law of attraction if you are in that camp – see SHELON becoming a billion dollar token or a 100M dollar token or start smaller with 500k-1M – see it, feel it, work it

Buy more if you have the funds for it. Talk to other people in crypto. Post on Reddit or comment on Reddit and Twitter.

Find new potential people to join our Shelonian Lounge. Promote Shelon in old and tested way or in new and creative ones

Small things you do matters as well – comments on Shelonian tweets and memes, reposting of memes, simple messages, tagging friends

When it comes to sending DMs use caution, but it can be good at times

Pray if you believe in Gods or Demigods

SHELON for WomenInCrypto

The Female memecoin on Binance SmartChain




$SHELON | @shelonofficial

🔐 18 years locked liquidity

🎮 Metaverse and Play to Earn

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#winningmindset #lifestylechange #makemoneyonline


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