Investments in nanocap and microcap crypto

$SHELON still brewing

Get #Passivelncome with #BobaInu and $SHELON

The benefits of $SHELON

✅ Fully burnt LP

✅ 10% supply is burnt

✅ LP receiver is dead wallet

✅ 2D NFT’s , 3D NFT’s soon

✅ Metaverse Integration

✅ P2E Game in Development

🎮 Earn tokens in P2EGame

A few of those beans 🫘 will make you a MILLIONAIRE 💥⚡️💥@shelonians will SEND $SHELON to the stars and beyond ! 🌌✨💫✨🌌

Use your 🦇🦇🦇-radar and feel it – the 100X is brewing


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