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$MOAB call!


As you might know AllEliteGemHunter @s93jay recently called $MOAB in his call group. You may also join his shilling lounge at

You can read more about $MOAB on

I also got a message from @KubYam himself…

“My name is KubYam. I enjoy the crypto markets and being in the outdoors – hiking, camping, hammocking, etc. I enjoy road trips and want to travel and go see the world. I also enjoy helping others out and serving them when I get the chance to.

I’ve been messing around with the crypto markets since 2016 where I’ve lost money due to bad trades, scams, liquidations, rugpulls, you name it. I didn’t really go big into the markets until the end of 2021 where I really started studying charts and trading strategies, and it was shortly after that when I stumbled upon trading bots. And that brings me into the vision of the project.

I’ve always wanted to generate a passive income for myself so I can do the things I enjoy without having the burden of financial stress. Having a trading bot on my personal funds has helped me see that as a possible source, be it small right now. Realizing what trading bots can do, and being someone that enjoys helping others, this idea was born – to put a trading bot behind the funds raised from a token.”

The Trading Bot $MOAB originate from #Provo, #Utah.

#Provo – is a city is a focus area for technology development in #Utah, with several billion-dollar startups

In 2015, #Forbes cited Provo among the “Best Small And Medium-Size Cities For Jobs,”[10] and the Bureau of Labor Statistics found Utah County had the year’s highest job growth. In 2013, Forbes ranked Provo the No. 2 city on its list of Best Places for Business and Careers.

Join $MOAB and $THC – you wpuld want to be early to the big winners in the 2025 massive crypto bullrun!!!

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