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#Twizzler $TWZR

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Twizzler (TWZR) is a mega utility token created on the Binance Smart Chain.

We are offering more utilities than almost any other BSC projects.


We have over 10 apps in development and 3 fully functional in BETA stage. Our goal is to be the bring back freedom of speech and full control of our data thanks to our ecosystem and the blockchain technology.

🔅 alternative for FB, its a Social2earn where you can accumulate points just by sharing, liking and commenting on your friends and followers posts.

🔅 (Music2earn), alternative for Spotify where you can enjoy your favourite music and be rewarded for that.

🔅 (Watch2earn), alternative for YouTube, where you can accumulate points just by uploading a song, listening, watch videos.

✨Censorship on our platforms does not exist and you will not be bothered with annoying adverts.

We have launched already and all of the above features are ready to play with.

✨All our platforms will work as one, within our ecosystem and they will have their own place in our unique Blockchain.

✨No mater of market conditions we will continue to develop.

✨What’s more great about TWZR is that almost all of the apps can be used by non-crypto users too.

So, to sum it up, what is Twizzler? Twizzler is the ecosystem of the future!

💫Twizzler (TWZR) 🍪



Medium :


Contract: 0x833870AD206Af112b30808EA88777E4F528a00ce



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