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$DMC info

A collection of the pieces of information I picked up from the official Telegram mof #Degen #Millionaires Club

THE #DMC NFT Collection is FOR SALE on #OpenSea

#DMC tokens will be airdropped later at same rate as presale

A 1 #BNB investment gives you access to the platform for free, no subscription required.
Upon DEX launch this will be harder to achieve as price goes up, as reaching the % threshold costs more.
Staking will last a minimum of 2 years.

$DMC #NFT utilities:
1) Tokens for NFT holders (#NFT is free basically).
2) Revenue share from the subscriptions.
3) Degen chat PFP.
4) Discounts in Strategy store
5) 50% reduction in sell tax on $DMC sells. Normally 10%, #NFT holders will pay 5% sell tax.

There are currently 18 rug detection algorithms in the degen sniper.
On top of this we have malicious code detection, this reads contract source code for bad code designed to rug.
Over time and as scammers find new ways, these will be added too.

You will need 1% $DMC to access the the degen sniper software without subscription.
This includes the red flag section and all other features.
A 1% bag will be achievable at launch but later it may not be.
There is a free version but it will be limited in functionality.

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