Investments in nanocap and microcap crypto


Load up on $MOAB $DMC $TWZR

Diamond hands will be rewarded

Join Telegram and check the vibes

$MOAB is a crypto trading bot launched on January 5, 2023. It was launched through a project called The Hex Cauldron, which in itself is an innovative deflationary project.

$DMC is the token of the DegenSniper Currently 18 rug detection algorithms in the degen sniper.

$TWZR #Twizzler has 10 apps in development and 3 fully functional in BETA stage. Our goal is to be the bring back freedom of speech and full control of our data thanks to our ecosystem and the blockchain technology.

🔅 alternative for FB, its a Social2earn where you can accumulate points just by sharing, liking and commenting on your friends and followers posts.

🔅 (Music2earn), alternative for Spotify where you can enjoy your favourite music and be rewarded for that.

🔅 (Watch2earn), alternative for YouTube, where you can accumulate points just by uploading a song, listening, watch videos.


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