Investments in nanocap and microcap crypto

Quote from Moe $SINU Dev

#ShepherdInu $SINU

“Our legal company for selling beverages will start selling our products very soon which will get a revenue that will be used for the company growth and the project in general (Marketing, buybacks when needed, development…)

•Our blockchain also will go live in couples of weeks/months (Developers will start launching on our blockchain) they will be buying $Sinu for liquidity and investors will be buying $Sinu to ape their launches.

•Many profitable features will be added to our wallet as an extra revenue also.

A longterm holder cares for the value of the project as he knows well once the right eyes come the chart will explode, for sure chart is important but the value is more important.”

ShepherdToshi in Telegram:

“Sinu is 1/10 project who still alive form last 6 months many projects launch make hype and died but sinu still working and living it’s already bullish all we need one big influencers support+ little more community like 200 to 500 active community members we are good to go team did absolutely crazy work ❤️🙏”

$SINU ‼️ Shepherd Inu


~ Doxxed Team ✔️



Seperate aspects / Utilities:

~ Legal Company for Energy drinks

~ NFT’s

~ Sinu wallet

~ Bridge

~ Online Shop

~ Blockchain

Outsourcing / Charity:

~ Dog Food Industry 🐶

~ Adoption of Dogs ❤️

~ CZ Correspondence 👀

~ Crypto meetings 💹

~ Chest Tattoo of Logo Bnb/Sinu 🖋

~ Cartoon Series

10,000 Staked $SINU FOR 🐳 Group




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