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$PA / $MOAB partnership

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Partnership Announcement

P2E Arcade X Mother of all Bots

For some time now I’ve been observing the amazing work of KubYam’s MOAB trading bot, which consistently delivers profits for their community.

As such it’s with great excitement that I can announce our partnership.

With KubYam’s assistance we’ve just setup our own trading account using this incredible trading bot.

The project will commence with a trading amount of $1,000.00 USD, with a view to compond profits initially to grow the trading fund. We will at times, divert development funds to this bot also to maximise profilts.

The long term view is to then utilitise these profits to help advance our project as needed: buy backs, liquiditiy injection, development costs, new utility.

Make sure you check out the MOAB project at their telegram below – based dev with a great project


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