Investments in nanocap and microcap crypto

$THC Witches #NFTs


We’re spreading some love with this Special Edition NFT collection from The Hex Cauldron.

❤️ 0.14 BNB sale price.

Each NFT purchase will receive an air drop of One Billion $THC tokens and a chance to win some BNB.

💰 Two (2) random owners will receive a 0.25 BNB prize, once collection is sold out.

100% proceeds to:

🙏 Community giveaway

🔥 THC buyback and burn

💪 THC development

View collection here:


$THC Mission

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple. We believe in giving back to our most valued asset, our community. We aim to give our community endless possibilities to earn passive income and the opportunity to earn potential 10-100x profits with any of our degen launches. This is what will separate The Hex Cauldron from other projects.



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