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OPINU ready to stabilize for its next run!

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🤖🦾Optimus Inu🦾🤖 Elon’s Ai Robot – Liked by Elon Musk

Launched 5 months ago, Optimus Inu is the original token beloved by Elon and rival to Floki inu! OPINU on Binance Smart Chain has a dedicated community, a great team, variety of dapps, NFTs, high quality branding and animated stickers. Optimus Inu is primed to flip Floki Inu, Elon’s other child🤖

At such a low mcap, the potential growth is huge! You definitely don’t want to miss out. Come and join us as we work together to make Optimus the biggest meme coin in the space!🦾

☑️ Elon’s/Tesla’s Ai Robot

☑️ Elon liked OPINU tweet

☑️ Cool Bots NFTs are Live

☑️ Poocoin Ads

☑️ Experienced Team

☑️ KYC & Audit

⚪️ Upcoming Elon Tweets

⚪️ Upcoming Listings

⚪️ Upcoming Ai Trading Bot

⚪️ Upcoming Eth Bridge

⚪️ Upcoming Launchpad

⚪️ Upcoming Dex

🦾 Telegram:

🦾 Twitter:

🦾 Website:



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