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$PA Play to Earn #Arbitrum

The P2E Arcade project, originally launched on the Binance smart chain, has now migrated to the Ethereum layer 2 ecosystem, Arbitrum. The move has been successful, with the project already reaching an all-time high market cap of 150k. The project owner, Degenomics, is a respected developer who has focused on creating a metaverse for retro arcade games.

The P2E Arcade offers a suite of retro games that allow players to earn cryptocurrency while having fun. Games such as Flap2Earn, Adventures of Felix, Felix’s Police Chase, and Hoops provide players with a chance to earn crypto while enjoying classic games. Additionally, the Degen Simulator allows players to follow influencer calls, buy and sell tokens without risking their own money. The upcoming development of Arcadia, the P2E metaverse arcade, is the project’s most ambitious development yet.

The project generates revenue through taxes that offer investors passive income in the form of $USDC reflections. Furthermore, the top 10 P2E leaderboard winners receive a percentage of the project’s revenue. Players can earn rewards in both $PA and $ETH, and holding one of the available NFTs can multiply the rewards by 2X or 5X.

P2E Arcade has established strong partnerships, offering a game development service and Metaverse as a Service (MaaS). The project has recently partnered with PepeDAO, with both projects benefiting from the collaboration, and a game currently in development for PepeDAO. With its community support and exciting development plans, P2E Arcade has tremendous potential for the future.

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