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#BobaInu Society

Boba Inu Society, a nonprofit organization focused on supporting pet shelters worldwide, has expressed its appreciation for its partners. The organization recently completed its third charity event, donating over $1,200 worth of supplies to Luna’s House, a no-kill animal shelter in Edgewood, Maryland. The Boba Inu Society’s mission is to use blockchain technology to benefit all nonprofit organizations.

The Boba Inu Society also partners with Sevpati, a pet shelter in Istanbul, Turkey. The organization posted a YouTube video featuring the Sevpati shelter, highlighting its commitment to animal welfare.

Boba Inu is a community-driven digital asset based on the Binance Smart Chain. The project aims to bring love, passion, and fun to the crypto industry, inspired by Boba Cat, the adopted cat of Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus. By holding $BOBA, token holders receive $DOGE, making it more than just a meme cryptocurrency.

To learn more about Boba Inu and its philanthropic mission, visit the website, and join the community’s Telegram group. Boba Inu Society is grateful for its partners’ support, including GraphBreaking, Flooz, MemeWorldList, Leeneedham81, and many others.


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