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Join #AI TradingBot community $MOAB

$MOAB is a cryptocurrency token developed on the Binance Smart Chain that provides users with access to a low-risk trading bot. The bot is specifically designed to generate consistent profits, which are then utilized to purchase and burn $MOAB tokens, thereby increasing the trading fund while reducing the available supply. This process, in turn, helps to raise the value of the token over time, since there are no team tokens, and they must be bought off the chart. Additionally, the increasing liquidity is also purchased off the chart, thereby adding to this effect.

Given the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, particularly in recent times, it can be challenging to make daily profits. However, our trading bot incorporates a unique algorithm that utilizes technical analysis and machine learning to identify profitable trades while minimizing risk. The algorithm analyzes market data, including trends, news, and social media sentiment, to power the trading bot.

$MOAB also provides trading bots to partner projects and private investors above a certain threshold. Currently, we have four partnerships, and we are in ongoing negotiations to increase that number shortly. Partner projects and individuals can leverage our trading bots to grow their funds, with $MOAB taking a share of the profits generated. This will aid in boosting the $MOAB ecosystem, thereby increasing the value of the token. Furthermore, these partnerships increase our exposure and reach among other projects and ecosystems, building a strong and extensive community around $MOAB.

We understand that a strong and dedicated community is essential for the success of any project. We are fortunate to have a growing group of committed supporters whose valuable ideas and feedback we always listen to. We organize regular trading and shilling competitions, among other events, to promote community engagement. Additionally, we have a presence in several channels, including most social media platforms.

In terms of tokenomics, $MOAB has a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens, with all of them already distributed, and no team tokens reserved. $MOAB is deflationary, implying that tokens are burned as profits are generated by the trading bot. We currently burn tokens weekly, as voted by our community. This deflationary model ensures that the value of the token increases over time as the supply decreases.

The bot profit is distributed as follows:

50% of the profit is added back to the trading fund, benefiting from the exponential power of compounding.25% of the profit is utilized for buyback off the chart and burn of the already distributed total supply.22% of the profit is utilized for liquidity provision on PancakeSwap, which also has to be purchased off the chart, thereby increasing the price since there are no team tokens reserved.3% of the profit is distributed monthly among the $MOAB golden guardians NFTs.

8% Buy/Sell Tax Distribution:

2% for liquidity pool2% for bot trading fund2% for $MOAB guardians NFTs (1% among golden, 1% among standard)2% for marketing/operations

Our taxes will be reduced once bot funding reaches different milestones, and our liquidity is locked for 180 days through CUE. We welcome you to the $MOAB ecosystem and encourage you to join us in embracing the AI revolution!


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