Investments in nanocap and microcap crypto

Escape Inu 1000X


Fed up working 8-10 hours every day? Tired of the hamster wheel? It is time to Escape The Matrix like Neo and Trinity. Enter $ESC Escape Inu the next memecoin to explode.


1000X memes

1000X crypto


Hyper deflationary token


3 responses to “Escape Inu 1000X”

  1. Escapers, sooner or later you will realise, as I did, that it makes a difference whether you know the path or walk the path. $ESC

    #eth #kda #shiba #qnt #floki

    Check this contract !!!
    A sell brings the chart UP –

    Because of the automated burn mechanism

    👉 thats so crazy amazing $ESC


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