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  • $MOAB strong

    $MOAB strong Dev of $MOAB “It’s all been organic growth. We launched around 50 members and now we’re up to 117 here. Number of wallets holding has been increasing over time as well.”

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  • $SINU the next $SHIB?

    Things are lining up for #ShepherdInu. The community is bullish after the AMA with #Everrise. Gatana a holder of $SINU: “When we get this project / company to the bigger audience, we all celebrate 🎉” $SINU ‼️ Shepherd Inu Safety: ~ Doxxed Team ✔️ ~ AUDITED ✅ ~ LOCKED CONTRACT AND LIQUIDITY “Everown”🛡 Seperate aspects […]


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  • Quote from Moe $SINU Dev

    #ShepherdInu $SINU “Our legal company for selling beverages will start selling our products very soon which will get a revenue that will be used for the company growth and the project in general (Marketing, buybacks when needed, development…) •Our blockchain also will go live in couples of weeks/months (Developers will start launching on our blockchain) […]

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