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#Crypto CEXs in #Australia

Coinjar, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its plans to expand to the United States despite regulatory challenges.

The CEO and co-founder of Coinjar, Asher Tan, sees an opportunity in the American market despite recent concerns over government regulations.

Coinjar was founded in Melbourne in 2013 and secured a license to operate in the UK in September 2021. It is reported to have 500,000 customers across the two countries.

Although the US regulatory environment presents challenges, Tan is confident that Coinjar can take on the challenge, believing that its compliance bona fides will appeal to American investors.

There are several cryptocurrency exchanges that are similar in size to Coinjar. Some examples include:

1. Independent Reserve – an Australian-based cryptocurrency exchange with around 200,000 customers.

2. BTC Markets – another Australian-based exchange that claims to have over 270,000 customers.

3. Swyftx – a newer Australian-based exchange that has grown quickly, with over 200,000 customers.

4. Bit Trade – a Sydney-based exchange with around 40,000 customers.

5. Easy Crypto – a New Zealand-based exchange that has expanded to Australia, with over 60,000 customers.

While these exchanges may not be as large as Coinbase, Kraken, or Binance, they still have a significant presence in the Australian and New Zealand markets and are worth considering for those looking to trade cryptocurrencies in the region.


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